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History of the dragon.
Types of Dragons
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At the end of the 20th century we are inclined to forget
that in former times dragons were thought to be real creatures.
They were responsible for natural hazards
and other unexplainable phenomena.
These old legends, however, are more and more forgotten.


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What Makes A Dragon?

What makes a dragon a dragon?
His boldness, his spirit, his heart...
The magic he seems to embody,
The wisdom he can impart?

The courage to take on a challenge,
The power to stand up and roar-
If you've these things YOU are a dragon,
'Cause you need all these things ... and MORE.

In almost every culture, in almost every place, there are stories of dragons, most of them, too old to know its origin. Dragons, the gigantic, fast, strong and wise lizards as told in myths. "Beasts" so fierce that would destroy all near them. Some of them could fly, some with various heads, some could breath fire, all being Dragons...

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